who is michelle?

About Me

“The first wealth is health”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson, 1860

The two legged curly haired mammal, Michelle Templeton, is known for her frequent migrations to East Africa. You know she is nearby when you hear her characteristic laugh and occasional snort, especially if she has found something particularly funny. Her “Wild Ride to Health” business venture led her to the Hadza tribe of Tanzania, whose health exceeds ours. When Michelle is not coaching, biking or enjoying family time, she can be often spotted drinking curious green drinks resembling whizzed up frogs.

WildFit Founder Eric Edmeades interviewing Michelle about why she loves the WildFit way.

Funding Healthy Futures

Not only will you benefit from this Wild Ride to Health, but a portion of your registration fee will go towards the Ikirwa School in Tanzania. While furthering my health knowledge I had the incredible opportunity to spend time with the Hadza tribe in Tanzania and was accompanied by a fabulous guide with a huge heart, Gasper. This man’s dream became a reality and he is now principal of this school. The students benefit not only from a high quality education but from an exceptionally healthy diet as all meals are provided by the school.

Love the lifestyle you live!

Michelle Templeton

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